Yes You Read Right A Real Life Warhammer 40k Chain Sword

The guys at Man At Arms make some epic re-imaginings of the some of the most famous movie and pop culture weapons in existence. So it was inevitable that they would one day try and create a warhammer 40k chain sword. Warhammer 40k is a wildly successful table top game and video game series set in a gruesome and bleak future where man is beset on all sides by alien enemies trying to destroy all of mankind. In this dark future the imperium of man is protected by genetically enhanced super soldiers called space marines who wield weapons of destruction that no mere mortal could even carry. The chain sword in the video which is a combination of sword and chainsaw is just one of the weapons they use to beat back the ravenous horde of alien scum trying to destroy humanity. Even if your not into the games or the whole universe you will certainly appreciate the level of craftsmanship that goes into this particular weapon.

Warhammer 40k Chain Sword

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