One Mans Quest May Result In Saving Coral Reefs

Marine biologist David Vaughan has stumbled upon a method for getting coral to grow much quicker than has previously been possible. This breakthrough is vital to producing clean air for our planet by saving coral reefs. Land Plants only produce around a third of the air we breathe with the rest coming from the ocean so it’s no wonder that his amazing discovery is making waves (yes I know a terrible pun). He accidentally broke a piece of coral while planting it and instead of throwing it away decided to plant all the individual pieces which amazingly grew much quicker than they ever would have. It is this accidental discovery that is allowing scientists to repopulate decimated coral reefs with sturdier more hardy and quicker growing coral.  Vaughan has pledged to plant at least a million pieces of coral before he retires.


Saving Coral Reefs great cause

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